Worthy Matron and Patron of Genesis Chapter No. 88 – OES

On Saturday, Nov 1st at 4 PM,Genesis Chapter No. 88 of the Order of the Eastern Star had their open installation. Clara and Brother John Kuipers were installed as the Worthy Matron and Worthy Patron. Please join us in congratulating the two. May it be a wonderful and prospers year.

Our best wishes to the rest of the officers as well.

Officers for 2015
Worthy Matron – Clara Kuipers
Worthy Patron – John Kuipers
Associate Matron – Kathy Jacobson
Associate Patron – Henry Ockerman
Secretary – Barb Ockerman
Treasurer – Patricia Ladas
Organist – Dan Stewart
Conductress – Katie Naghtin
Associate Conductress – Diana Coleman
Chaplain – Julie Stweart
Marshall – Ron Rose
Adah – Rae Yonker
Ruth – N/A
Esther – Carla VanSickle
Martha – Susie Mudgett
Electa – Toni Rose
Warder – Shirley Young
Sentinel – N/A

Clara and Brother John Kuipers
Clara and Brother John Kuipers – Worthy Matron and Patron – Year 2015