Muskegon’s Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade

3524_934929973209476_3099709247658892423_nThis Saturday, the 12th of March, is the annual Muskegon St. Patrick’s Day Parade. This has become a great Muskegon tradition thanks to the hard work of our friends over at the Jaycees of Muskegon. The parade will be this Saturday and kicks off at 11 AM running from 4th St. to Jefferson St. along Clay Ave. This year the Muskegon Masons will be marching in the parade so come out and say hello!

The parade serves two purposes: One, to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and to provide community fellowship. The second is to help fill the shelves of a local food pantry. As tradition if you are going to attend the parade you are asked to bring non-perishable food to donate. All food items donated will go to Loaves and Fishes.

If you want more information about the parade check out the Jaycees of Muskegon website or their event page on Facebook.

We hope to see you there!