Dressing the Part | The Mason’s Lady | Reblog

In our fast paced existence we sometimes over look the basics of being a gentleman. One of the key aspects missed the most these days is dressing the part. We are just to busy, it costs to much, its not worth the effort. We are all guilty of dressing down even for events in which we should do our best to look good. Dressing up is not done, as gentlemen, to be prideful or too lord over others. It is done to show respect for those around you. This is why it is common to dress up for church, for weddings, for special dinners. It is about showing the people around you that you respect them enough to take that extra step in presenting yourself well.

I know I am personally guilty of under dressing for an occasion. It comes down to a few reasons. The first one is that I have not had a need to buy formal wear so I don’t have an extensive wardrobe. I was also never taught, while growing up, the basics of dressing for formal events; even something as simple as tying a tie (Thank You YouTube). Because of this I am often left frustrated or hesitant to go out to formal social gatherings. I am sure I am not alone in this situation.

So why go on and on about this topic? Well, I stumbled upon a nice blog post about the subject. The blog is called, ‘The Mason’s Lady’. The post is titled, ‘Dressing the Part’. The blog was created by the wife of a brother Freemason. She has presented some wonderful information that can help those of us, like myself, not well versed in formal wear to develop a better foundation of basic formal dressing.

The post can be found in the link below. I suggest you read over some of her other posts as well.